2013.03.01 08:59

Golden hair, happy smile...

golden, curly hair, happy laughter.

When we sit together with those we love, listening to the emotional, deep but also happy cheerful music makes our life a precious and valuable time here and now.

Joy in the air, happiness around us everywhere.

....is the life, I believe exist, if we open our hearts to receive the ray of love.

Enjoying, blessing the meal we have in front of us on the table, saying bon appetite before we start tasting the meal, are only tiny things, which brings more joy into our everydays.

Grace it all, what you have on you path, even if there are times, when life is harder, never forget, the difficulties make you stronger and thanks to them, you can select the best and most valuable, special people on your sides.

The ones, with whom its worth sharing your days, 

The ones, who stand by your side.

Even if it is like a puzzle, our whole life, remember, we are all important parts and cubes in a few people life.

Appreciate the moments here and now , let the ray of love and light, the golden colour reach the deepness of your heart.

Feel light , say hi with a smile and do not forget to say thanks for all in your life.

See the beauty around us...