2013.03.11 11:20

My dear readers, This song I found today.......

My dear readers,

This song I found today after running among the vineyards ,which surronds my hometown.


While running and feeling the fresh scent of the grapes being turned into the wines, I travelled in time in my mind.

As a child, with my family I spent lot lots of time in the vineyard, as we have a big garden just like many many other people in our town.

Being on the hill, looking down reflected me the time, I was a child.

Happy moments outside after the school and mostly in summer, we spent together with my family and cousins among the grapes and tomatoes.

God, I didnt like it that time, only the part of the games, running around my working parents or baking the bacons on the fire was my favourite part.

However, I was not always happy to go out to the vineyard.

Today, years after my childhood, feeling this familiar scent of the grapes:

I felt content- to be born in this place, to have spent many many years outside, in the nature.

The loved Mother Earth is breathing on us, giving us all the beauty, so we can have a healthy and a happy life.

Grateful I felt while walking at the last stage of my exercising on a shining Saturday.

Our life is a fairytale, our past is carved into us and the memories are turning us to the person, who we are today.

Anyway, life is gorgeous and I feel so blessed, to be born into my family, on this Earth to feel it all , what it offers...

bitter or sweet, does not realy matter, as all are the ingredients of our time here.

Spread your wings my dear ones and fly as always high.

Catch the sky and enjoy the seconds as today as tomorrow.

Be happy and smile.

Life is a wonderful, colourful garden.