2013.05.31 08:39

My memories when I was far far from my sweet home..


Sometimes we long for going and travelling far and we do not realize, that the beauty and the happiness is in front of our eyes.
...just as in a fairy tale, I would start the story of me and my life.
“The king sends his 3 children to the World , to experience life, to learn … During their journey they face many obstacles but once they return home they are more mature, wise and with the knowledge they have they enrich their environment and make other people’s life more colourful.
I am very much interested in the elementary questions of life: where we came from, why are we here and where we are heading to?”
I believe we all do have dreams but honestly - how many of us dare to follow them?
It is only a few of us who take the chance and realizes them as on the road there are many obstacles and even the strongest ones loose their strenght, just as the cliff, which is cracked by the time.The same is with us people, we dream and struggle.But there is always something inside of us, which pushes us forward and those, who really want they get the strenght, the signs and the direction to go on. There are moments, when we stop and cry but these are precious moments too, as by this we clean our body and soul.
We might be afraid of the changes it may bring into or life. Are we not just too much accustomed to live our life as routine, day by day- thinking this is safe?
Do we stop to look inside of us and think and realize that there is nothing safe in this life?
We think, our job, our life is safe, but I believe, our life is like a rain drop, soft, precious, and just as the drop changes so does the life, from one minute to the other.
I was always interested in people, in other nations ,cultures and it made me to make a huge step - to leave behind my family, friends to experience (as in the fairy tale) the life with big L.
Our grandparents say: The school of life is the best school and I must agree.
I came to this beautiful country of Canada to open my heart and to expand my mind.
It brought sad and lonely moments too but always at the best moments I got an uplifting hand, a call, a letter or simply a song from a radio singing: DO NOT GIVE UP.
And I did not.
We have to decide each and every day, inside of our hearts if we are going to be happy or not. It will not be the person next to us who makes us happy. It comes from inside.
We tend to take our life for granted, forgetting, that it is an unrepeatable miracle that we are here on this gorgeous Earth, where we could experience each and every day to be a miracle, once we had eyes for it.
Simple things: like to look up and see the sky with the clouds of so many different shapes, the sky which takes us to other dimensions with its endless limit, to live our days with an open heart where the days are not only about us but about how to understand and love all the people around us.
Sometimes our hearts long for heights, as everything what is alive longs for light and sparkling.
I believe in destiny and that certain things and people in our life were meant to happen.
How do we know if we are happy? How many of us pretend to be happy on surface and maybe being in a big family and still feeling lonely?
One thing is for sure: life is a labyrinth.
I believe, the hardest part for most of us is to stop and to be in the moment. By meeting a person who is blind and deaf too makes me realize, what a great gift it is that I can see the sunset, listen to the singing birds and the sound of the ocean.
As when we smile and our heart does, the life and people will smile back.
Through my journeys I realized, no matter what is our origin, colour or religion - One thing is common in all of us: our HEART.
The heart, as the strongest muscle, and how much mystery, secret, joy ,grief and love is hidden there.
Many of us think how many mistakes we do, but there are no mistakes, just lessons to be learnt. Lessons which are repeating till we do not see behind and realize, what it tries to teach us.
The lessons last till the end of our lives and then we share it with the young, new generation and as such ,what we thought to be mistakes are becoming wise advices to the Youth. Our children listen to our stories with big wide eyes opened just as we were saying a fairytale. Warts and hell, Life is a big mystery.
Photo: Dear Ones, As you awaken today <3 Know all is happening in the perfect Divine Order <3 Even though you may have fears and doubts <3 trust all is flowing for your unique Soul's destiny plan of perfection <3 Please call us forward to guide you on your path of Love~The Angels through Liorawww.twinflame1111.com
 My way and my motto is: Do not follow the beaten path but tread a path yourself and leave a print behind.
Its your life and you have nothing to loose as from everything we win.
The best way to find out who we are and what is our purpose here is through the things we go through.
The long and short of it: we are all mirrors to each others and we need to learn to look behind what these lessons teach us.
If we believe, life is a number of lessons, the rest depends on us what we will discover from it. Will we enter the same plash?. Once we find out what is behind it, what it teaches us we may find the harmony and peace.