2013.04.04 08:10

No matter, what the World dictates to us: LOVE ALWAYS SURROUNDS US.

No matter, what the World dictates to us:


No matter, what fights are 'out there', love is present in every second around us:

If you just look on your right or left,

a sweet, homeless dog is lying on the street ahead, a cheerful, beautiful, angelic child face is walking towards you with a rose in his hand...

- a smile on a face

- a circle of dance

- happy people walking hands in hands

- musicians on the stage

- people eating, singing together on a fine day...

These are just the fractures of seconds of some people, who are creating each others 'nets'.

...as that's why we are here...to bring blessing, joy, laughter, feelings and emotions shared among each others, while feeling the love in the air.

- Whether we feel and see it or we have scarf on our eyes,

- whether we admit it or not, LOVE IS INSIDE OF US...making our lives a peaceful Paradise.

No matter, if you are black or white,

if you are active or passive type,

if you are from the civilized World or part of a simple tribe.

ONE THING MATTERS ONLY- the love and the light in YOUR HEART

THE STRENGTH that makes our short being here on this World a graceful time.

DO NOT LOSE TOO MUCH TIME WITH THE SCARF ON YOUR EYES- rather open them to see the colours and the light on your path.

Be blessed and keep it in your mind: we are not robots here but humans with their own, individual and unigue, creative mind.

Use it, as its your, here and now!

Make the most of it...till you spend here with and among us.

Mostly, human, try to be and feel ALWAYS LOVED....as without that power, first you choke and then you simply die.

EMBRACE YOURSELF AND SAY YES...to all the good people and thing that were given to you now.

Do not be shy - LOVE AND SMILE))