2014.03.17 11:44

Sándor relax

Dear Guest!

Welcome to my (music) YouTube channel.
I'm Sandor Zsolt Szabo, from Debrecen (Hungary). I recently began to play music, May 7 2012. I learned to play music myself. (autodidact) All my music is my world. These are my own compositions. Since my childhood I can hear the music in my soul.
My other hobby is a little filming and voice recording. To show you how I see our nature, I listen the bird voices. I created ​​love to everyone. I hope you enjoy.

Love is the key. Love and Light.
All my music productions are free. You can not sell, because I got free from heaven.
Thank you, you're here now and have a good time.
(My name is in English : Alexander)
E-mail: sandorrelax@gmail.com
I speak perfect Hungarian, little English and German.
(The google translator is my helper.) :)