2013.04.24 10:51

To live by the Sea, surrounded by the relaxed faces and the blue colour of the Sea. I feel, I have arrived "there".

In the deepness of my heart, I feel the freedom of love, while walking in the streets of Kefalonia, in the towns with the harbors by my side.

Slow speed, smiling faces, calm behavior is that characterizes this part of Ellada - the Ionian Sea part.

The passion and the hot temperament of the Southern islands I miss here so much, I often wonder, what is this game now that God has set into my life?!))



Me, with my hot temper, loud voice and even louder laughter has to really slow down that much?, and become calm and calmer for the rest of my summer months?

How am I going to survive it all, once I am a busy busy social kind?

There will be though time for learning the greek language finally, to go running to the beautiful red beach, to dance zumba and to do yoga, however, it must be a joke again, for me to become calmer?!

As walking on the streets I see the lemon and the orange trees, looking at the Venetian styled houses, I remember the time, when as a teenager I dreamt about such life.



- to live by the Sea, surrounded by the relaxed faces and the blue colour of the Sea.

- to have a glass of wine after dinner or to have a break during the day with a cold frappe in my hands.

Many years have passed since then and today, walking in this atmosphere, I feel, I have arrived "there".

Even my surname, ending at -atos is said to have the origin exactly from this island.

Funny, the place, after which Ulysses, from the myth of Homeros was longing so much to come back and to settle down there.

....the reflection of my destiny in a way)).

Why? I ask "him" - the man, who was on the roads for years waiting to arrive home one day.

Still, there are many places for me to be discovered.

One thing is for sure though, the green valley we are placed here with the scents of the different flowers, bring lot of peace and harmony for those, who arrives to this place.

Me, personally, love the fact of the relaxed faces of the men, who, with their cute babies carried on their hands looks so happy, smiling to the whole World, satisfied and proud to be their DAD.


...and instead of the rush of the everydays, instead of sitting in the traffic jam or waiting for the metro in the crowded place, I walk slowly to the ferry, which takes me from the capital of Argostoli to the other side of the island- to Lixouri- which is my calm settling for this summer...

and while the wind is blowing my hair into my face: I am satisfied, grateful and curious at the same time, to see, what needs to be explored here, on this island.


...wishing you all, as always, a wonderful and a blessed day.