2013.05.27 07:41


I have had the chance to meet on a nice, sunny November day...

in a school in a small town on the Hungarian, Slovakian border.

The school with the kids, who became till today the joy of my everydays.

The cute, smart, joyful faces brought sunshine to my heart each and everyday.

I feel, I got yunger and my heart brighter thanks to the opened, pure spirit and hearts of the amazing children.

My class, 8. A was the most special one, the class, where I felt, I fly as a child again.

Each and every moment spent with them was a soft touch in my heart, for which I am grateful to each and every one of them.

I love you dear girls and boys and I wish the very best to you all in your life...

I do hope to see you again on a beautiful sunny day, as you remember, in your class was the SUN SHINING THE STRONGEST EVERYDAY.

Continue learning English, as its the first opening language to the World, so as such , you can discover places as you saw my Virginia friend has shown you these days.

Thank you for your applause today, it will stay in my heart forever, you made me very happy. Thank you all...

will miss you all...your teacher)))