2013.05.02 07:32


Everyone of us has a dream;

- not a childish vision,

- not an idea, which comes to us just at night, 

its something much much more, which resides deeply in our heart.

- Some strong and deep pushing from inside,  

- something that is showing us the direction to follow.

- Something, for which we wake up every single day, whether we realize it or not on a rainy day.


Thinking or not about it its the engine, which keeps us moving and continuing, what we have just started when stepping here, on this Planet.


Remember the years of your kinder garden, when you were first in love with your fellow classmate or at your friend from the playground, who brought to your life the first dream:

to kiss this little person, who brought happiness to your childish games.

It was THE DREAM that has started your tiny heart grow big and bigger and extending it.


- The emotions, which are still there and which are hand in hand with you, protecting and being by your side day by day.


You might not remember then now, you may feel, it was just a silly little childish love, however its the powerful kick, to make your days bright and alive.


Try to think of the sign, you had in the kinder garden and what it associates to you: does it reflect your character or was is something else trying to say to you?

Personally, I truly feel and believe, our dreams when being children have hidden messages still in our adult life!

People, living this great trip here and now,

never lose your passion, your dreams as its the speech of your heart, which never lies!


..and even if it can give you sometimes the signs of pain, if you are not on your own way: thats how fantastically we are, our mind, spirit and body connected, dear Man.

As such you make your path easier… and before you consider Me be to be a dreamer, well, you are RIGHT! I am…  and I wish to stay so till my very last breath here.

As its the meaning of our being here, thats what keeps you alive and motivates you to go always forward!